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Bloop AI: Revolutionizing Code Discovery for Swift Development

Experience swift code exploration with Bloop AI, your go-to tool for discovering internal libraries, summarizing complex concepts, and navigating codebases with precision.

Pricing: Paid,$12/mo
Semrush rank: 737.5k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Jan. 2021


  • Code Discovery: Uncover internal libraries, identify existing patterns, prevent code staleness, and tackle unsolved problems with Bloop AI.
  • Natural Language Search: Achieve accurate results in less time as Bloop AI replaces slow keyword searches and the need to constantly ask colleagues for assistance.
  • Human Explanation: Enhance your understanding of the codebase, receive concise summaries of complex concepts, and gain insights into code intentions.
  • Stage Changes: Initiate codebase changes effortlessly, irrespective of coding ability, making Bloop AI ideal for quick and small modifications.
  • One Source of Truth: Utilize natural language search, regex matching, and precise code navigation tailored for private codebases with Bloop AI.
  • Speaks Your Language: Enjoy the versatility of Bloop AI, providing answers in over 20+ languages.
  • Lightning Fast Regex: Built in Rust, Bloop AI offers the fastest way to find code, identifiers, paths, and repositories using regex.
  • Precise Code Navigation: Move swiftly through references and definitions in 10+ languages with Bloop AI’s precise code navigation.

Use Cases:

    Bloop AI stands as a robust code search tool, empowering developers to comprehend codebases, discover internal libraries, and navigate code effortlessly.

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