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AI Background Remover - Effortlessly Remove Background From Images

AI Background Remover is an advanced tool that harnesses artificial intelligence to accurately detect the subject of an image and seamlessly remove its background. Tailored for designers, it excels with all graphic types, including logos, illustrations, and signatures. This versatile tool supports batch uploading of files up to 5MB and is complemented by a free Figma plugin. Additionally, our API empowers you to seamlessly integrate Background Remover into your own products. Explore our suite of photo editing tools, including the Smart Upscaler, capable of enlarging photos up to 64MP in a single click.

Semrush rank: 7.4k
Location: Sanford,United States of America
Release time: Oct. 2011


  • Effective with all graphic types: Unlike similar tools primarily designed for photos, Background Remover excels with diverse graphic types, including logos, illustrations, lettering, signatures, and more.
  • Batch uploading: Efficiently process multiple images simultaneously with batch uploading, eliminating the need for repetitive manual actions.
  • Free Figma plugin: Simplify your workflow with our free Figma plugin, seamlessly integrating Background Remover for swift background removal.

Use Cases:

  • For designers: Perfect for designers requiring rapid and accurate background removal for various graphic types, Background Remover supports batch uploading for time-efficient processing.
  • For API integration: Integrate Background Remover directly into your products using our API, providing your customers with a convenient solution for background removal.
  • For photo editing: Beyond Background Remover, explore our suite of photo editing tools, including Smart Upscaler for enlarging photos up to 64MP in one click and Face Swapper for high-quality face swaps.

AI Background Remover stands as an essential tool for designers and anyone seeking efficient background removal. With its compatibility with diverse graphic types, support for batch uploading, and a free Figma plugin, it caters to diverse needs. The API integration ensures seamless incorporation into your products. Discover the difference in your workflow with our photo editing tools like Smart Upscaler and Face Swapper. Try it today and witness the transformative capabilities for yourself!

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