Avanty: Elevate Your Metabase Experience with AI-Enhanced SQL Assistance

Avanty stands as an intelligent Chrome extension tailored for data analysts immersed in Metabase. This AI-powered copilot facilitates swift SQL query generation, effortless editing, and enhanced comprehension, streamlining the analytical process.

Semrush rank: 4.6m
Location: Canada
Release time: Nov. 2022


  • Generate SQL from Natural Language: Leverage Avanty’s intuitive schema knowledge to create SQL queries directly from basic natural language requests.
  • Automatic SQL Query Editing: Automate and expedite your workflow with Avanty’s advanced features, allowing for the seamless editing of SQL queries using natural language.
  • Auto-Generated Chart Titles: Avanty simplifies your tasks by automatically naming charts, eliminating the need for manual title creation.
  • Smart Error Debugging: Harness the power of machine learning as Avanty assists in debugging SQL queries by detecting missing brackets, typos in table or column names, and more.
  • Clear Query Explanations: Avanty dissects complex SQL queries into understandable segments and provides concise explanations, enhancing query comprehension.
  • Smart Formatting: Improve code readability with Avanty’s automatic formatting of SQL queries, ensuring a clean and organized coding structure.

Use Cases:

  • Simplified Query Creation: Data analysts can effortlessly generate SQL queries from natural language requests, significantly improving efficiency.
  • Error-Free Code Editing: Benefit from flawless code writing with Avanty’s Smart Error Debugging feature, preventing typos and missing brackets for impeccable SQL queries.
  • Effortless Understanding of Complex Queries: Avanty simplifies complex SQL queries, breaking them down into understandable segments, reducing the time spent on comprehension.

Avanty empowers data analysts in Metabase to efficiently generate, revise, and comprehend SQL queries. This AI-driven Chrome extension is meticulously crafted to accelerate the workflow of analysts, enhancing their SQL understanding and writing capabilities.

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