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Automagically is an exclusive, invite-only Slack community designed as a secure and supportive environment for marketers to collaboratively learn, share insights, and explore the realm of AI together. Discover our community guidelines and secure your spot now!

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Release time: Apr. 2023


  • Core Values of the Community: At Automagically, our core values are rooted in respect, helpfulness, and engagement. These principles foster a welcoming and inclusive space where marketers can collectively learn and evolve.
  • Channels on Automagically: Explore our ten dedicated channels, covering intros, news, resources, and more. Each channel focuses on specific topics to facilitate meaningful discussions and the exchange of knowledge.

Use Cases:

  • What Automagically is for: Automagically serves as a platform for discussing, learning, questioning, and experimenting with AI and related topics. It’s a space for sharing AI experiences, asking questions, and providing helpful and respectful feedback.
  • What Automagically is not for: Automagically is not a platform for discussing irrelevant news, self-promotion, spam, or any form of solicitation. Our focus remains on fostering meaningful conversations related to marketing and AI.

Embark on your AI journey by joining Automagically, where you can stay on the cutting edge of AI in marketing. Become part of a supportive community that prioritizes respect, helpfulness, and engagement.

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