Augment AI

AI Companion: Your Personalized AI Sidekick

Meet your virtual AI companion, Augment, designed to save, summarize, and remember what matters to you. Enjoy a truly personalized and context-aware experience. Join for early access now!

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  • Your AI, Personalized for You: Augment utilizes your rich data stream to generate deeply personalized content and can predict how to start and finish your sentences.
  • Always Aware of Context: Augment seamlessly integrates with any application, whether native or web-based, and is accessible within your existing workflows.
  • Elevated Memory Capabilities: Ask Augment to retrieve any information you’ve seen, spoken, or heard, and instantly generate shareable links for local files.
  • Swift Shortcut Access: Summon Augment and access its features in any context with a simple shortcut.
  • Enterprise-level Privacy & Security: Augment is SOC2 Type 2 compliant, ensuring your data remains secure and is never shared or sold.

Use Cases:

  • Effortless Messaging and Email Creation: Augment emulates your tone and style to craft personalized AI-generated responses for various messaging platforms.
  • Meeting Efficiency: Automatically capture meeting notes, create summaries, and agendas for enhanced organization and productivity.
  • Efficient Document Sharing: Share desktop documents with a single click, eliminating the need for time-consuming uploads.
  • Versatile Writing Assistance: From crafting press releases to refining paragraphs, Augment offers valuable support for a variety of writing tasks.

Experience a productivity revolution with Augment AI Companion, harnessing the power of AI to predict, assist, and complete tasks across all your applications.

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