Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI: Revolutionizing Google Sheets with AI Assistance

Arcwise AI serves as your indispensable copilot for Google Sheets, providing instant understanding, data cleaning, and ingestion capabilities. Experience AI-generated, context-aware formula suggestions and much more!

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Sep. 2022


  • Chat with Your Spreadsheet: Engage in conversations with your spreadsheet, inquire about calculations, and unveil dependencies with the embedded ChatGPT within Sheets.
  • AI Formula Assistance: Receive AI-generated formula suggestions accompanied by links to relevant StackOverflow posts. Often, we can infer the formula without any input at all!
  • Clean Data, Scrape Data, and More: Utilize Arcwise AI to format dates, extract text, summarize text, scrape content from browser tabs into tables, and explore a range of other advanced features.

Use Cases:

  • Data Cleaning and Analysis: Swiftly clean and analyze data in Google Sheets with the potent AI algorithms of Arcwise AI.
  • Formula Suggestions: Enhance your formula suggestions and understanding with GPT-4 powered assistance from Arcwise AI.
  • Data Scraping and Formatting: Effortlessly scrape and format data from various sources using the advanced capabilities of Arcwise AI.

Arcwise AI stands as a formidable tool for data analysis and manipulation within Google Sheets. Join our Slack community and embark on a free trial today!

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