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Anonymous Camera AI: Shaping Intelligent Products for the Real World

At Playground Technologies, we specialize in building the participatory AI stack that empowers users and domain experts to harness the potential of intelligent products. Our approach puts AI in the hands of the people who shape it.

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Release time: Dec. 2017


  • Centralized Dashboard: Access all your data conveniently in one centralized location.
  • FieldDay Live: Collect data and test your models in real-world scenarios, ensuring robust performance in diverse environments.
  • Collection Starter Kit: Deploy production-grade hardware solutions that are ready for use today, providing a seamless starting point for your projects.
  • Widget and Plugins: Empower users with simple yet effective tools to shape and customize AI according to their needs and preferences.

Use Cases:

  • Medicine: Develop intelligent products for medical applications, advancing diagnostics and healthcare solutions.
  • Manufacturing: Enable real-time monitoring and optimization in manufacturing processes for increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Agriculture: Improve crop yield and sustainability through intelligent farming solutions and data-driven insights.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Accelerate drug discovery and development using AI-powered tools for innovative pharmaceutical solutions.
  • Mobility: Build intelligent transportation systems to enhance efficiency and safety in mobility solutions.
  • Robotics: Power the next generation of intelligent robots with cutting-edge AI capabilities.

Our dedicated Enterprise Support team is committed to helping you bring magical, intelligent products to market faster. With our Studio Suite, we provide support in collecting datasets for your unique challenges, augment your team to overcome engineering obstacles in data science, software, and hardware. All this is done with a collaborative approach to development within the AI stack.

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