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Altera: AI Chrome Extension Empowering LinkedIn Salespeople

Experience the power of Altera, the AI-driven assistant designed for sales professionals on LinkedIn. Generate hyper-personalized comments, inmails, and posts at scale, tailored to every situation. Get started for free.

Pricing: Paid,$99/mo
Semrush rank: 27.3m
Location: London,United Kingdom
Release time: Jun. 2022


  • AI-Powered Solution: Altera is a cutting-edge AI-powered solution empowering salespeople to swiftly craft hyper-personalized messages at scale. Tailored to recipients and specific subjects, these messages enhance engagement and conversion rates.
  • Built-in Automations: Enable one-click generation of hyper-personalized comments, messaging, and connection requests. Altera also crafts contextual comments, authors engaging posts, and offers personalized AI training for sales professionals.
  • Integration with Chrome and LinkedIn: Seamlessly integrated with Chrome and LinkedIn, Altera operates with a simple tap on the icon, unleashing its magic for sales professionals.
  • Scalability and Conversion: Leverage Altera to convert both new and existing leads effectively. By harnessing AI, Altera helps craft hyper-personalized messages that resonate, facilitating increased deal closures and stronger relationships.
  • Plans and Pricing: Altera offers three pricing plans, including a 3-day free trial. The starter plan suits those leveling up their LinkedIn game, the pro plan is for advanced users incorporating custom AI training, and the enterprise plan is tailored for large companies requiring a fully customized solution.

Use Cases:

  • Empowering Salespeople: Altera empowers sales professionals to express themselves effectively, offering built-in automations, seamless integration with Chrome and LinkedIn, scalability, conversion, and mission-driven objectives.
  • Generating Hyper-Personalized Messages: With Altera, salespeople can generate hyper-personalized comments, messaging, and connection requests in a single click. Contextual comments, engaging posts, and personalized AI training elevate the ability to craft tailored content.
  • Boosting Sales and Performance: Leveraging Altera results in a 2x increase in response rates, 4x higher acceptance of connection requests, 20% more booked meetings, and elevated customer attraction, taking LinkedIn performance to new heights.

Altera is the go-to solution for sales professionals seeking to generate hyper-personalized comments, inmails, and posts on LinkedIn. With its AI prowess, built-in automations, Chrome and LinkedIn integrations, scalability, and conversion benefits, Altera enables salespeople to enhance their sales and performance significantly. Choose any plan, explore the 3-day free trial, and start crafting personalized messages with Altera today.

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