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AIVA - Elevating Creativity with AI-Composed Emotional Soundtracks

Experience AIVA, the cutting-edge AI-powered music composition tool designed to aid independent game developers, novice musicians, and professional composers in their creative endeavors.

Pricing: Freemium,$11/mo
Semrush rank: 213.7k
Location: Luxembourg,Luxembourg
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • Creative Assistant: AIVA acts as a creative assistant, accelerating the music composition process by generating compelling themes for projects through the power of AI-generated music.
  • Preset Styles: Compose music effortlessly in predefined styles including modern, cinematic, electronic, pop, ambient, rock, fantasy, jazz, sea shanty, 20th century, tango, and Chinese with AIVA’s versatile capabilities.
  • No Licensing Headache: Say goodbye to licensing headaches. AIVA’s Pro Plan subscribers own the full copyright of any composition created with the tool, providing peace of mind and complete creative control.

Use Cases:

  • For Independent Game Developers: Empower independent game developers to swiftly create captivating themes for their games with AIVA’s AI-generated music, enhancing the gaming experience.
  • For Novice Musicians: Enable novice musicians to embark on their musical journey without the need for an in-depth understanding of music theory or technical knowledge of music production, thanks to AIVA’s user-friendly interface.
  • For Professional Composers: Streamline the workflow of professional composers and enhance efficiency in creating high-quality compositions with AIVA’s advanced AI capabilities.

AIVA stands as a formidable AI-powered music composition tool, empowering independent game developers, novice musicians, and professional composers to create high-quality music faster and more efficiently. With AIVA, users can explore diverse styles and retain complete copyright control over their compositions forever.

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