AI Detector Pro

AI Detector Pro: Your Ultimate Solution for Authentic Content Detection

AI Detector Pro stands as a comprehensive platform designed to identify and eliminate traces of AI in text content, safeguarding the authenticity of your written work. Our specialized features encompass detailed reporting, an advanced AI eraser, and confidence level indicators.

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Release time: Jan. 2023


  • Detailed Reporting: Receive comprehensive reports pinpointing exact text sections exhibiting evidence of AI generation, distinguishing clearly AI-produced parts from suspicious ones.
  • AI Eraser: Our innovative AI Eraser tool detects sections in your document containing traces of AI and suggests alternative phrasing, ensuring the preservation of originality.
  • Confidence Levels: Each report includes a confidence level, indicating the likelihood of a text being AI-generated. Higher levels signify a greater probability of AI traces.

Use Cases:

  • Website Content Checking: Safeguard the originality of your website content. Simply input your URL, and AI Detector Pro will fetch and analyze your content for any traces of AI.
  • Document Scanning: Ensure the authenticity of your documents. Paste your content, and receive a detailed report highlighting any AI-generated traces in your text.
  • AI Content Rewriting: Utilize our AI Eraser to rewrite sections in your document identified as AI-generated, ensuring the maintenance of genuineness.

Navigate the realm of AI confidently with AI Detector Pro. Bid farewell to concerns about AI traces in your content. Start for free, with subscription plans catering to everyone’s needs.

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