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PalettePal: AI Color Inspiration

PalettePal brings your designs to life by providing instant color palette inspiration. Whether it's logos, illustrations, or wireframes, PalettePal's AI Color Wheel effortlessly colorizes your creations and generates unique color schemes on the fly.

Pricing: Free
Semrush rank: 157.0k
Location: Iceland
Release time: Mar. 2017


  • Automatic Colorization: Experience the magic of automatic colorization as PalettePal’s AI Color Wheel transforms your uploaded designs in real time.
  • Multiple Color Schemes: Fine-tune your color experience with various color schemes such as analogous, complementary, and more. PalettePal puts the creative control in your hands.
  • Instant Inspiration: Unleash a world of creativity with thousands of unique color variations for any flat design. Let PalettePal be your muse for artistic expression.

Use Cases:

  • Graphic Design: Craft one-of-a-kind color schemes for logos, illustrations, wireframes, and other graphical art using PalettePal’s intuitive tools.
  • Artistic Expression: Witness your designs transform with a splash of artistic flair, exploring colorization inspired by classical and modern art movements.
  • API Integration: For non-commercial use, seamlessly integrate PalettePal’s API into your applications to elevate your design experience.

Dive into the world of color with PalettePal’s AI Color Wheel. Whether you’re seeking instant color palette inspiration or crafting unique color schemes for your design projects, PalettePal has you covered. Try it today and watch your designs come alive!

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