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Adept AI: Empowering Natural Language Interaction

Experience the future of computer interaction with Adept, a revolutionary approach to using computers. Adept enables you to build a machine learning model that interacts seamlessly with all software tools, APIs, and websites on your computer. The AI teammate, ACT-1, is meticulously designed and trained to execute actions in response to your natural language commands. Join the waitlist now to revolutionize your computing experience and automate any software process with Adept.

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Location: Westlake Village,United States of America
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • ACT-1 – Our Foundation Model: Embark on the journey with ACT-1, our foundational model that empowers your machine learning model to utilize every existing software tool, API, and website. ACT-1 excels in taking actions on computers based on your natural language commands.
  • Collaborate and Create: Adept champions the idea that AI systems should revolve around users, fostering collaboration between machines and people. Together, they discover innovative solutions, enhance decision-making processes, and provide you with more time for meaningful work.

Use Cases:

  • Salesforce: Optimize your Salesforce tasks with Adept by converting prospects into new sales opportunities, adding new contacts, and setting reminders effortlessly.
  • Google Sheets: Maximize efficiency in Google Sheets by instructing Adept to create, update, and add columns, ensuring streamlined data management.
  • Redfin and Craigslist: Empower your property and product searches on Redfin and Craigslist with Adept’s natural language commands, finding options that meet your criteria.

Unlock the potential to automate any software process with Adept. The ACT-1 model offers a groundbreaking solution, enabling natural language interaction with your computer. Collaborate, create, and make informed decisions effortlessly. Join the waitlist now to embark on a transformative computing journey with Adept!

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