6figr: Uncover Career Insights with Honest AI Feedback

Explore unfiltered insights about your career that HRs and friends may hesitate to share. 6figr, powered by ChatGPT, offers features like job referrals, career switch comparisons, and a ChatGPT-assisted layoff tracker.

Semrush rank: 63.7k
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: May. 2015


  • Job Referrals: Access job referrals directly through the 6figr platform, expanding your opportunities in the job market.
  • Job Switch: Make informed career switch decisions by comparing job offers and evaluating their potential impact on your professional growth.
  • Layoffs & ChatGPT: Stay informed about layoffs and leverage the ChatGPT feature for support during challenging times in your career journey.

Use Cases:

  • Grow my Career Rankings: Assess and enhance your career rankings with the help of 6figr, aiming for continuous professional improvement.
  • Community Account Profile: Join the thriving 6figr community, create a profile, and connect with other professionals for networking and collaboration.
  • Get Your Career Roasted By AI: Share your LinkedIn profile on 6figr to receive brutally honest AI-driven feedback, offering valuable insights for your career development.

Empower your career decisions, receive candid feedback, and achieve professional growth with 6figr’s unique features and supportive community.

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