GPTZero: Online AI Involvement Detection Tool

GPT Zero

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What is GPTZero?

GPTZero is a machine learning model for detecting natural language text in AI-generated content, using ChatGPT techniques to detect AI-created content. It uses variables like perplexity to fingerprint AI involvement.

How to Use GPTZero?

GPTZero is currently used by academic institutions to detect AI-created papers, and it is known that academic institutions are against using ChatGPT to create academic papers.

  1. Open the official GPTZero website,
  2. Find Try GPTZero Classic in the middle of the GPTZero webpage, and click the “TRY IT” button.
  3. Open the test page and paste the text you need to test in the Input text below
  4. Click on the “Get GPTZero Result” button and you will get a “GPTZero score”.

GPTZero Online Use Example

  • Academic papers created by AI tools such as ChatGPT
  • Social media such as Twitter FB to detect posts created with ChatGPT
  • AI-generated news articles
  • Web comment content created by AI
  • Detection of AI-generated code
  • Educator detects other content using GPTZero

GPTZero Educator Account

GPTZero is offering a personalised solution for Educators, Sign up to product waitlist  to create a GPTZero Educator account.

How to Sign Up GPTZero ?

  1. Open the official GPTZero website
  2. Click on SIGN UP on the GPTZero website home page, you can also click on “GET STARTED”.
  3. Open the GPTZero sign up page and start to register GPTZero account
  4. Fill in the information Email Address, Name, School/Institution, Subject Area, Country, US State (if applicable).
  5. Click on “Subscribe” when you have completed the information.
  6. After completing the image verification, you will receive an educator for our product waitlis
GPTZero’s website currently states that they provide product waitlis exclusively for educators, so it may be confusing for regular users to register. If you are interested in GPTZero Technology you can enter your email address on the GPTZero homepage under “Technology” to find out about their technical updates.

GPTZero Login

The GPTZero website does not yet have a GPTZero account login portal, the accounts registered now are still product waitlis, the full version of GPTZero should be released soon to enable account login.

GPTZero Pricing

GPTZero is free now, but GPT models are expensive to train and it is possible that the full version of GPTZero will be charged in the future.

The Technical Principle of GPTZero

GPTZero is a large natural language model, according to the public representation on the GPTZero website “GPTZero turns the very technologies used to build ChatGPT around — to detect AI. It uses variables like perplexity to fingerprint AI involvement. ”. We have reason to believe that its technology is based on GPT-3. Click to learn more about ChatGPT plugins.


How accurate is GPTZero?

GPTZero is based on the GPT-3 language training model. GPTZero will only start testing on January 1, 2023, and the accuracy is not yet fully recognized. When the number of training continues to increase, I believe GPTZero will continue to improve its accuracy.

How should I judge whether GPTZero's data is informative or not?

You can judge by the data in the report given by GPTZero. The larger the value in the report, the more it looks like an article written by AI, and the smaller the value, the more it looks like an article written by human.

When will the official version of GPTZero be available?
We are not sure yet, but you can join the GPTZero product waitlist and you will be contacted by email when the official version is available.
Can I use GPTZero on mobile?

Not yet, because the test requires “Ctrl+Enter”, so only PC users are supported at this time.