ChatGPT Plus: Only 20$! How to Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus has finally been successfully launched, and began to draw subscription qualifications from the waiting list. The invited users only need to pay 20$ to start experiencing the ChatGPT upgrade function. Let’s take a closer look at ChatGPT Plus next.


What is ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus announced a pilot subscription plan on February 1, 2023. It is an upgraded version based on ChatGPT, which uses natural language robots to answer questions raised by users or respond according to user-defined scenarios. It will provide a subscription service at a price of 20$ per month, and it can provide users with:

  • more stable service
  • faster response
  • Priority use of new features and patches

How to Obtain ChatGPT Plus Subscription Eligibility?

Simply sign up on the ChatGPT Plus waitlist and fill out your personal information. You may receive an email regarding the subscription plan soon.


  • If you have previously signed up for a different waitlist, there is no need to sign up again.
  • Currently, the subscription plan is only available to users in the US, and OpenAI will be expanding to support more regions soon.
  • Receiving an invitation is not guaranteed, so please be patient.
  • Please fill out the information on the waitlist carefully and ensure it is accurate and reliable.

Will ChatGPT be free to use in the future?

OpenAI has indicated that users will still be able to access ChatGPT for free in the future. They hope to support as many people as possible using the free ChatGPT by charging for the ChatGPT Plus subscription.

What are the new features of ChatGPT Plus?

At present, OpenAI has not disclosed what new features have been added to ChatGPT Plus. However, based on previous user experiences and discussions on social media, ChatGPT Plus may include the following features:

  1. Prompts: Users can use pre-set prompt templates to make it easier and faster to use ChatGPT.
  2. Historical Responses: Users can use this feature to find previous responses, helping users locate past responses.
  3. Visualizations: It is speculated that ChatGPT will have more rich media content in the future, such as links, images, videos, etc.

Future Development of ChatGPT

OpenAI continues to gather user feedback and is experimenting with opening its API to partner with talented coders and companies. By filling out the OpenAI ChatGPT API Waitlist, you can get qualified for the API as soon as possible. With time, we believe that there will be more and more tools based on ChatGPT that will become available to everyone.

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