AI Classifier: A text AI Classifier That Can Identify Artificial Intelligence

AI classifier is an AI product released by OpenAI on January 31, 2023. It can help us classify text, and it can be used to distinguish between human writing and artificial intelligence writing to a certain extent. But it’s not perfect yet, it’s still in development.


What is AI Classifier?

AI classifier is a training classifier, a text-based language model. For the content of the same topic, a large amount of data is collected on artificial intelligence texts and human texts, and then the characteristics of artificial intelligence texts and human texts are analyzed, so as to form different language models to distinguish artificial intelligence texts from human texts. However, OpenAI shows that it is impossible to recognize all AI texts with extremely high accuracy. In the evaluation, the AI classifier accurately recognized 26% of the text written by AI, and mistakenly recognized 9% of the text written by humans as AI text. The more training times, the higher the recognition accuracy.


  • Help school teachers review whether students’ homework is completed independently and identify academic fraud
  • Help us with data processing and improve productivity


  • The accuracy is low
  • Unstable, characters that are too long or too short will affect the result
  • It only has a relatively high accuracy rate for English text, and it is not recommended to distinguish other languages
  • It highly depends  on the existing data set, and the correct rate of content  beyond the system data will be greatly reduced

The use process of AI Classifier

  • First of all, you need to log in to your account, which is the same as that of Chat GPT. If you have not registered OpenAI, click How to Login Chat GPT? to register!
  • Select the feature option you are interested in, for example “I’m building a product or feature”
  • The dos and dont’s you need to know about it are as follows:
  • Then enter the text content to be checked and click “submit”, as shown in the figure below
  • Finally, waiting for the results, each article will be very unlikely, unlikely, unclear if it is, possibly, or likely AI-generated. For example, in this test, AI Classifier does not know whether it is created by AI


What fields can the AI classifier be used for?

Academics, product reviews, email files, and more.

How is the AI classifier priced?

Now, due to insufficient technology and low accuracy rate, OpenAI classifier has not been officially launched yet, and the price issue is still unknown.

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